About Us

Welcome to Coulis Beard Company!

"Coulis" pronounced /kü -ˈlē/ /ku: - li:/ or /koo lee/

Coulis Mission Statement: 

To provide premium beard garnishments to individuals seeking to achieve and maintain healthy, luxuriant beards.

The Coulis Story:

Years ago, I enjoyed having a full head of hair. As I grew more mature, I began to notice certain areas of my hair were no longer growing as fully as other areas. This was a major adjustment period for me and a pivotal moment in my life. The tough decision many guys face was finally upon me: either be stubborn and act like the image I saw in the mirror wasn't my new reality or pull out the razor and go with the “intentional” bald look. This is a struggle I wasn’t willing to prolong so a bald look it was.

After a couple months of going bald, I noticed all hope wasn’t gone. I was still able to GROW A BEARD! This was the very moment at which my beard journey began. I started focusing on the hair that remained instead of fixating on the hair that was no more. While attempting to grow a full beard, my wife would often make comments on how my facial hair would prick her whenever we got close. At this point I’m thinking, “Really? I can’t grow hair on my head and now my facial hair is a problem”?  My wife’s reaction forced me to gain knowledge on properly maintaining a beard.

I purchased three different beard products and wasn’t satisfied with any of them. I set out on an extensive, daunting journey that turned into years of research in the area of beard care. Eventually, I developed premium quality beard care products that have received glowing reviews.    

Here at Coulis Beard Company, through beard garnishment, we believe each beard can reach its full potential thus evoking pride and confidence in individuals of the bearded community.